101 reasons to get married in Procida: #1 Breathtaking views

It is true, when we thought about the first reason for the series 101 reasons to get married in Procida, we chose “breathtaking views” with the mind to the memories of our spouses among the fabulous views that our island gives us. But the first one to think about is certainly the panorama of Marina Corricella, one of the nine “grancìe”- neighborhoods – of Procida.

Panorama Corricella

Brindisi dopo il sì

The panorama of Marina Corricella

When you arrive from the sea, Marina Corricella appears like this, like a palette of colors ranging from pastel to brighter shades and which all together create the magic of this seaside village with a suggestive panorama. Legend says that the fishermen who live in the village wanted to paint their houses with bright colors, to recognize them when they return from their fishing trips.

Made famous in 1994 by the film “Il Postino” starring Massimo Troisi, Corricella, as the people of Procida simply call it, during the years has attracted many visitors for its spontaneous architecture and its calm and relaxed atmosphere.

It is no coincidence that Corricella was an example to advertise the colors of the Apple iPhone 6S.

La Corricella: un panorama perfetto

If you walk with your eyes upwards you can see balconies, terraced walls and loggias that take the name of “vefi”, stairways and domes. The whole contributes to making Corricella a place that you think does not exist, until you see it. If we add to this the fact that the district is entirely pedestrian, we have one more reason to love its fairytale atmosphere.

Taking a picture in this scenario, taking a walk hand in hand playing to dodge the nets that fishermen still mend by hand today, being welcomed by the cordial hospitality of the Procidans is one of those memories that will make the “yes day” even more memorable.

Follow us to discover all the other breathtaking views with which Procida can surprise you!


Photo: Bottega53

Video: Whitesfilm

Flowers: Centro Fiori Venezia

Bride’s Dress: Gali Karten

Groom’s dress: Sartoria Postiglione