Procida W.E.D. Team

Federica Formisano

Federica is the founder and the soul of Procida W.E.D.
After graduating in Communication with a thesis on film tourism and a Master in Marketing and event management,she was already aware that in her future there would have been two things: weddings and events, and that her greatest passion is Procida, her place of the heart.


From the very beginning she started to attend courses, workshops and masters, all concerning wedding planning and the event management, with teachers of the caliber of Elisa Mocci, Roberta Torresan and Silvia Bargagni, to ensure the best possible training in this sector. Simultaneously she dedicated herself to the tourism promotion and development of her island, profiting the experience she gained working in the family business (the beach resort “Lido la Rotonda”) and collaborating in the planning of big events like the “Ischia Film Festival”.

In 2012 Federica foresees that her island is the perfect place for her project of “Destination wedding”. She decided to promote Procida as an exclusive destination for all those foreign couples who want to get married in Italy. Thanks to this, Procida W.E.D. became for her the perfect mix between her two biggest passions.


Federica is capable of combining professionalism and creativity, accuracy and empathy. She is always on the go, looking for new ideas and inspirations that can make all her events unique and exclusive.Federica is naturally able to gain the trust of all the couples who choose her agency, as well as the respect of all her co-workers.

By Procida W.E.D. staff

Info: + 393336302618 

By appointment:


Procida Island: via Flavio Gioia, 43 Procida (Naples)

Ischia Island: via Spinavola, 12 (Forio d’Ischia)

Naples: Calata Porta di Massa

Rome: Piazza S. Maria Ausiliatrice, 38 Tuscolana area


For Italians abroad or for foreigners it is possible to set a skype call 




With a precise and detailed approach, Anna is our young social worker.
Among the most romantic and dreamers of the team, she is the undisputed queen of photos and reels. If it is on trend…she will know!

Gianmario&Carolina sposi sul mare di Procida - ProcidaWED-338


Her quote is definitely: “One drama at a time”. After all, she joined the team when it was required to establish order after the post-covid craziness. Holder of a Master’s degree in Communication, is a tireless reader, is tireless in general, is incredibly fast in everything, she also loves kids…and who lets her go anymore?!



Urban planner and architect. She is practical, decisive and well organised.
For her the timing is easy as pie.



The youngest, therefore the most social and the most reckless of all.
A model for fun, a lover of all things sea, fashion, and car related.
We entrust her all our missions impossible, including dinghy rides in force 9 seas




A wine lover, a psicologist, a teacher and also a florist whenever it is needed. If there is an open bar, make no mistake: you’ll will find her there. She enjoys working on the backstage, where she is often busy making confetti and covering up any defects.



She has indian features but is a genuine islander.
Atria is a nurse and she cannot help but solve all our problems (not only the medical ones).

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-21 at 14.35.31


We appointed him with the title of “Honorary member” since he is the jolly of Procida Wed.
From logistics to aesthetics, from IT to graphics, from transport to music, he thinks one thing and fixes a hundred.


Maria Michela&Camilla

Patients, observers, cake lovers, affectionate and always smiling; very well liked by the group even if brazenly recommended by their mother, Federica, who has guaranteed them a place in the team since before they were born.



It is our van. It can contain and transport literally anything.
In the events season, it can’t find peace. It is now a team member without any doubt!

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New Entry!



From the nearby island of Ischia, passionate about astrology and tarot cards.
Thanks to her witch skills she manages to reach Procida even with the stormy sea, as well as she gives the wow effect to all our photos!



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