The island of Procida

The island of Procida is one of the smallest and most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean sea.
It opens into the Gulf of Naples together with its two “sisters”Capri and Ischia. 

Procida is the least known of the three islands, and for this reason it has kept unaltered its architectural, artistic and natural identity.

Far from the mass tourism, it is still committed to its ancient history. This island of Procida has always been a safe port and a source of inspiration for artists, poets and intellectuals. Procida inspired books like “L’isola di Arturo” by Elsa Morante and was the setting of the famous film “Il Postino”, that is the final masterpiece of the great actor Massimo Troisi.


This little island, together with Positano, Sorrento and many other places of the Amalfi coast, is one of the most charming locations in Italy.

Procida seems unaffected by the passing of time, fascinating with the vivid colours of the buildings and the lemon groves, whose scent is spread all over the island.
The little and quiet fishing village “Marina di Corricella” with the fishermen sewing their fishing nets on the waterfront together with the ancient traditions in which holy and profane are mixed, like the famous Good Friday procession; make us feel like everything is freezed in a past still alive.


The island of Procida with its atmospheres, colours and breathtaking views, is the perfect location to live unforgettable moments.

©Photo:  Antonio Lauro, Giuseppe Greco, Lucia Dovere

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