Wedding Planner Services



The Wedding Weekend is more than just a wedding ceremony. It is a real “mini” vacation. This service foresees, along with the logistic management of the wedding day, the planning of several little events dedicated to the guests, such as a welcome aperitif, a tour of the island or a “bye bye” brunch. The wedding weekend is for sure our flagship service, because even if it is the most challenging one, it allows us to express all the experience we gained over the years.



Since June 2017 on the island of Procida it is possible to celebrate symbolic ceremonies on free beaches as well as on private ones.
The planning of a beach wedding is not so different from the one for a “regular” wedding, but there are some specific details that make the difference.
This is the reason why we place our knowledge at your disposal, in order to prevent the little difficulties connected to this unique setting



Although we live far from the place where we were born, we can not even imagine to spend the most important day of our life far from that place. Procida W.E.D. is specialised in organizing amazing weddings for all those islanders who want to come back to Procida for their marriage.



In Italy the same-sex civil union is legally recognised since June 2016.
From the very beginning we started to offer this service, since we strongly defend and support the right of everybody to love and marry whoever they want.



The marriage proposal is one of the most important moments for all the couples and It can be a romantic dinner, a boat tour or a pic-nic. We aim to organize your proposal like you always dreamed about. We will guide you in designing the setting-up and in choosing the photographer who can best capture the emotions of that day. We will also support you in the selection of the ring, the outfit, the cake and the words to pronounce, in order to create the perfect atmosphere for this unforgettable event.



In Southern Italy the elopement has always been called “fuitina”. This service has been designed for all those couples who decide to get married unexpectedly or want to keep the marriage a secret. This is the best solution if you want to live your wedding day in an intimate and romantic way, evading the efforts required by a huge event.



We cooperate with several photo studios, which are different from one another, but they all offer the same high-quality service.
According to the choice of the wedding photographer, it is possible to define the photography style that better meets your expectations.
In high demand, for example, is the pre-wedding photo-shoot, which is done few days before the wedding. The couple, who usually wears casual clothes, meets the photographer at a location previously chosen by the couple, to realise beautiful photo shots. This moment is very important, since the couple can start to familiarise with the photographer.



Thanks to the “meet and greet” service we give you and your guests a warm welcoming through the setting up of a special event to be spent with your family and friends, e.g a welcome aperitif. We also assist you during the day after the wedding, providing a “good bye” service, that is the planning of an informal event to take leave, e.g a breakfast or a brunch.



The wedding day coordinator is a person in charge of coordinating and making sure that the wedding is held in the best way.
If you want to plan your wedding by your own you can still benefit from a wedding coordinator, who will support you on the wedding day only.
Some days before the marriage a coordinator must meet all the suppliers, visit the location and establish a day timeline of the wedding. During that day the coordinator takes care that everything is on time according to the couple’s desires.
In case that anything unforseen happens, a wedding coordinator will be able to find the best solution within the shortest possible time.
Thanks to this service the couple can calmly and fully enjoy the week just before the wedding as well as the wedding day itself.



The Wedding Concierge is responsible of welcoming you and your guests and making your stay as pleasant as possible.
Thanks to this service all the information about the wedding will be accessible and shareable through web sites and social media. Furthermore it is possible to digitize the gift registry, the invitations, the menu and so on, in order to monitorize the whole wedding planning.



This service is perfect for all those couples who do not need a wedding planner, but want to enrich their wedding day with special features like a bouquet made of paper or hand-made invitations, an unusual wedding dress, a special gift for the bridesmaids or a gluten free cake.
Over the years we have met and selected the best suppliers, Italian and foreigners, in order to astonish you with their ideas and suggestions.



Procida W.E.D. can be your “wishmaker”: any event you want to plan, any location you choose and any budget you have, thanks to all our services we can make all your dreams come true.



The ReWedding service will allow you to renew your wedding vows, in the style that you deem most appropriate or perhaps it could be the perfect opportunity to return to Procida for those who have already chosen it as a destination for their Destination Wedding.
The reconfirmation of the wedding vows is a special way to honor the years of love already passed, to consecrate the complicity that still unites the spouses and to express the will to walk together again, united towards a splendid future. ReWedding is also a way to fulfill all those wishes that it was not possible to grant on the day of one’s wedding. Our team will always be ready to listen to your every request and to take care of it in every detail, because remarrying also means being able to finally make all those dreams come true that we had left hanging or that we thought we had to give up forever.