Suggestions for your wedding in Procida

To create complete coherence between all the moments and all the details of a wedding, it is important to choose a theme, a common thread that creates a harmonious atmosphere, faithful to the original project. 


We at Procida W.E.D., together with our spouses, thoroughly research a leitmotif that will make the wedding day unique and completely personalized.


We wanted to collect some ideas and suggestions for your wedding in Procida, divided by color shades, which enclose the various moods that our island can offer.

For example, yellow is for us a color linked to lemon, an excellent product of our territory, certainly synonymous with brightness, spontaneity and liveliness: the shade of lemon groves, the freshness of a summer lemonade, the intense taste of simple dishes that have always accompanied our culture. 

The pastel colors, on the other hand, represent the romantic soul of our island: the colorful houses of Corricella, which fishermen knew how to recognize even from afar, in the middle of the sea; pastel walls that fade in winter and in spring, freshly painted, return to bloom with renewed splendor; the spectacular panoramas that look like they have been painted with watercolors, representing the perfect setting for a romantic photograph. 

Let yourself be guided by our vision, and then let’s bring yours alive,
the vision that will make the memories of your most beautiful day indelible.